The Dutch Beer Institute Grant 2019

The Dutch Beer Institute research grant 2019 goes to the Netherlands

The winner of the 2019 grant of The Dutch Beer Institute for the best research proposal on moderate beer consumption and health is Associate Professor Marije aan het Rot from the Netherlands. She wins 5,000 euro to carry out her research.

Beer and empathy
Aan het Rot’s research bears the title 'Beer, alcohol, and empathy: an experimental study in men and women'. In a randomized study 100 participants (men and women) will consume beer. The participants will perform computer tasks and behavioural assessments to examine how alcohol (in beer) affects empathic accuracy and empathic behaviour and to assess how alcohol’s effects on empathy vary in male versus female social drinkers.

Applications from all over the world
This is the fifth time that the grant from The Dutch Beer Institute is awarded. This year we received 14 applications from all over the world. In the second half of 2020, The Dutch Beer Institute will offer another grant of 5,000 euro for research on moderate alcohol/beer consumption in a healthy lifestyle. If you are a scientist interested in the grant, please register for our Alcohol and Health newsletter for scientists.

Winner 2019
Beer, alcohol, and empathy: an experimental study in men and women, Marije aan het Rot, Associate Professor, University of Groningen, Psychology Department, Groningen, The Netherlands