Jora Steennis

Jora Steennis is studying ‘Nutrition and Health’ at Wageningen University. In 2008 she started her Bachelor, which she finished in September 2011. She continued her study in Wageningen by specializing on the field of nutritional physiology and health status.

During her Bachelor she discovered the relation between nutrition and human physiology interested her the most. She wrote a thesis about the effects of underweight, eating disorders and excessive exercise on reproduction functions in women. The most important factor causing these (often similar) effects seemed to be, not energy balance or body fat, but low energy availability.

In her Master she focussed on the field of nutrition and sports. To go more in-depth, she did a MSc-minor ’Human Movement Sciences’ at VU University Amsterdam.

Jora always has been interested in sports as well as nutrition. She did do rowing from her fourteenth on, which she continued for several years at Argo, the student rowing club of Wageningen. Her love for cooking she expresses by being a member of the cooking commission of Argo, which means she cooks for about hundred hungry rowers every week. This year Jora switched to a different sport; cycling.

For her MSc-thesis she will, together with Annemarthe Wijnen and Marco Mensink, perform PRooST (Post-exercise Rehydration STudy). In this study men will become dehydrated by exercise and subsequently rehydrated e.g. by beer. Her focus will be on the validation of bio-impedance spectrometry as a method to assess changes in fluid balance in sportsmen. Few studies validated bio-impedance measurements for assessing de- and rehydration induced by exercise. Loss of considerable amounts of fluids can affect performance when not adequately replaced. Being a quick and easy method to perform, bio-impedance may be a good way to assess fluid balance in athletes.