The Dutch Beer Institute Grant 2020

Research into the effect of beer on the immune system wins research grant from The Dutch Beer Institute

The winner of the The Dutch Beer Institute research grant 2020 is Dr Teresa Padró from Spain. She is awarded € 5,000 for her research into the effect of beer on the regulation of the immune system.

Beer and inflammation factors
Inflammatory factors play a role in diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Population research shows that moderate consumption of fermented drinks such as beer and wine can lower the risk of these diseases. There could be a role here for specific non-alcoholic components in these drinks that may have a beneficial effect on the immune system.
In her research, Padró analyzes blood samples and biopsies from 37 healthy adults who consumed a period alcoholic beer and a period non-alcoholic beer. Using techniques such as gene expression and immunoassays, she is examining the effect of these drinks on cells involved in the immune system.

Applications from Europe
This is the sixth time that The Dutch Beer Institute research grant has been awarded. This year we received 8 applications from various countries within Europe. In the future The Dutch Beer Institute will offer another grant of € 5,000 for research on moderate alcohol/beer consumption in a healthy lifestyle. If you are a scientist interested in the grant, please register for our Alcohol and Health newsletter for scientists.

Winner 2020
Protecting immunomodulation in healthy adults: effects of beer intake on the inflammasome. acronym: pro-beimm, Dr Teresa Padró, Institut Recerca –Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau (IR-HSCSP), Spain