Prof. dr. Bob Fennis

For most of us, daily life would be a major challenge without a relaxing beer (or other alcoholic beverage) in the evening. Indeed the omnipresence of beer brands in the supermarket and the enormous density of pubs in the city center stands testimony to the central role that (small to moderate) doses of alcohol play in our daily lives.

Against this backdrop it is striking to note that while there is ample research investigating why people consume beer, we know virtually nothing about how beer consumption in turn affects consumer decision making. How does (moderate) beer intake influence the choices we make or the consumption experiences we seek as consumers? Does it make us more impulsive in our product choices? Do we go for riskier products, or, instead do our choices become more reflective and ‘conservative’? And how might consumer welfare organizations benefit from any results that addressing these questions might yield? These are typical issues that interest me and were a key reason why I joined the board.