About us

Consumers are paying closer attention to healthy lifestyles. It is important that they have access to scientific findings about anything that can help them lead healthier lives. Also when it comes to drinking beer.

The Dutch Beer Institute was founded in February 2009, precisely to provide that kind of information. It is the principle Dutch research institute where it concerns responsible beer consumption in relation to health. A non-profit organisation, the Institute targets health professionals such as (para) medics, and nutritionists.

Research & Communication
On the basis of scientific studies, the Dutch Beer Institute develops (educational) materials on the biomedical, psychosocial and nutritional aspects of a responsible consumption of beer. In addition, the Institute facilitates further research on the health effects of responsible beer consumption, in order to fill in any gaps in what is known on that topic.

Nederlandse Brouwers, the coordinating organisation that advocates the interests of breweries based in the Netherlands, funds the Dutch Beer Institute. Their financial contribution bears witness to their active role in responding to the growing demand for objective and research-based information about healthy nutrition. Through their support of the Institute, the member breweries are helping to supply that information.