About us

All about beer and health
The Dutch Beer Institute wants to increase knowledge about responsible beer consumption and its effect on health. The institute does this by collecting and interpreting scientific knowledge and placing it in perspective for different target groups (e.g. professionals, scientists, media).

Research & Communication
Science is the basis of the activities of The Dutch Beer Institute. All scientific research on the health effects of biomedical, psychosocial and nutritional aspects of responsible alcohol consumption is collected. The Dutch Beer Institute then places the scientific findings in context and makes them actively available. The institute also signals developments in alcohol research and contributes to the scientific debate on moderate alcohol consumption and health.

About The Dutch Beer Institute
The Dutch Beer Institute is a foundation established in 2009. The Dutch Brewers Association is the most important financier of The Dutch Beer Institute. There are three renowned scientists and a representative from the brewing sector on the board. The scientists on the board ensure that all aspects of responsible beer consumption and health are highlighted and communication is balanced. The office is located in Wageningen, the heart of the Food Valley.